We are Jiri, Geert and Samuel. Three chefs with a mission: inspire people to eat ethically sourced meat. That’s why we learnt the craft of sausage making and started our own artisan butchery, where we make chef’s quality sausages from well-reared pigs. 


As former chefs, we stuffed our first sausages in Amsterdam’s finest restaurants. It was love at first taste and we soon began experimenting with all sorts of outside-the-box recipes. The world of sausages is infinite; fresh, smoked, cured, cooked, and in all possible flavours. A dish in its own right.


In order to learn how to make the best dry-cured sausage, we travelled to Italy, the land of the most delicious cured meats. Here we apprenticed with renowned butchers. It was the Savigni family who taught us how to make a decent dry-cured meat, and let us in on which parts of the pig are used for the tastiest sausage. We also worked at Dario Cecchini’s butchery, preparing the delicacies for his restaurant and butcher’s shop to the tunes of The Beach Boys. But it was Carlo Petrini, founder of Slow Food International - dedicated to good, clean, fair food - who taught us the most valuable lesson about ethically sourced meat. And although his values around where our meat comes from seem so logical, meat with a decent back-story is still not always on the menu.


Although we learnt about the importance of ethically sourced meat in Italy, we still saw a lot of sausages being made from pigs who’d lived a poor life. That had to change.

We returned to The Netherlands with a mission, and our adventure began: our very own butchery. Here, we craft the tastiest sausages with dedicated care and make sure our customers know exactly what they are eating. We use flavoursome mix-ups and surprising new ingredients, but above all else, our pigs have lived a good life.


We work exclusively with well-reared pigs: both our own pigs, raised outdoors by befriended farmers who share our values, and organic pigs from Dutch soil. The resulting sausages and other pork delicacies are loved all over The Netherlands, and from across borders, fans of ethically sourced meat have started to come knocking on our butcher shop’s door, too. Now we can reach even more people with our mission to eat proper meat.

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