The larger portion of meat that’s being consumed in Europe comes from factory farmed animals that have lived a terrible life. This has to change. All products from our butchery are made using well-reared pigs: both pasture raised pigs, raised outdoors by befriended farmers who share our values, and organic pigs from Dutch soil.


On all our packaging, you’ll find a label that tells you exactly what meat is used for your product: either ‘organic’ or ‘pasture raised pigs’.


Our own Brandt & Levie pigs are raised by befriended farmers. Together, we have a clear vision on what a good pig’s life looks like. The pigs are raised in the most natural environment; they get love and care and are free to roam in the forest or fields. Their diet is varied and of high-quality, and the piglets grow up alongside their mothers.


We receive our pigs in whole and take responsibility to process the meat from nose to tail, letting no parts go to waste. We use the meat for our fresh and cured sausages, and for our other dry-cured delicacies.


In the eastern countryside of The Netherlands, Sander and Roos raise a crossbreed of Bentheimer pigs which have free access to the outdoors all year round. In the fields, the animals heartily root around as much as they like and they find shelter in the pig hides whenever they need it. It’s only just after birth that the piglets and their mothers stay indoors, where they grow up in peace and comfort.

“We believe in a way of farming that does right by the natural needs of the animals, that yields delicious food, and that doesn’t have bleak consequences for our generation or the next.”- Sander Kerkhoffs

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On their farm, Ben and Thea practice nature-based farming. The pigs have a role in several nature conservation projects and are free to roam around. Only during the post-birthing period do the piglets and their mothers stay inside to secure their comfort.

“A young pig needs warmth and safety. Therefore, we keep our piglets inside for a period after birth. Mature pigs, on the other hand, enjoy a rugged life; at our farm, they are free to explore the fields and root around as much as they want.” – Ben Buurs

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We also work with meat from Dutch organic pigs. The pigs can roam freely in the fresh air and are fed exclusively with organic food. Organic farms guarantee the highest standard in animal welfare, so we choose to collaborate with SKAL certified farmers. This authority secures the reliability of organic produce in The Netherlands. Animal welfare is one of their priorities, maintaining the highest standard in grazing, housing, origin, healthcare, nutrition, and much more. SKAL makes sure that all associated farmers comply with these standards.

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